Scuba Aqualung Diving System Portable Rechargeable  - $1,299.00 CAD Listing ID: 161275

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Diving Equipment
Scuba Aqualung Diving System Portable Rechargeable 70000mAh
how to order:
Size(mm): 42x42x15cm
Power(watt): 180w
Battery Capacity: 70000mAh
Max diving depth: 12M
Max diving time: 5 Hours
Warranty: 1 years
Weight: 6.5KG
Charging time: 6 Hours
Voltage: 12V
Compact dive system is specially developed for underwater sports. Say goodbye to bulky oxygen cylinders from now on. The working principle is to transport the air on the water surface through the compressor and oxygen tank to the water. The powerful compressor can provide 50L/Min of air for 10 meters of water. Battery can work continuously for 5 hours. The unique waterproof design makes not afraid of any water and waves. Enjoy underwater adventure.

IMPORTANT!Must Read!!!Please Read Carefully Before Use

Device Maintenance:
This device can only be used in water. Do not use in places with large sea waves. We recommend that you use it in calm waters.
After using in sea water, rinse with fresh water immediately to prevent equipment corrosion.
Before use in the water, please check the tightness of the device and make sure the charging cover is tightly closed.
Children should use this product under adult supervision. Non-professional divers should dive under the guidance of professional divers.

Product List:
Intake Pipe x 1
air compressor x 1
14m Stretchable hose x 1
Second stage regulator octopus x 1
Activated carbon filter x 10
Strap x 1
Charger x 1

Customer Service:
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