HORIZONTAL MIXER MKMH250B  - $5,100.00 USD Listing ID: 107606

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Mixing is a fundamental point in the manufacture of balanced foods and other products in whose manufacturing process the homogeneous mixture of materials is necessary. The combination of ingredients with unique nutritional values to provide all dietary requirements in the diet of any living being is of great importance since the same results would not be achieved using the ingredients individually.
There are two types of popular mixers, the vertical ones (usually for dry mixes) and the horizontal ones (that allow the use of wet ingredients).
The horizontal mixers (also known as tub-type mixers) from Meelko are designed to mix any product in almost any condition: dry, wet, pasty, liquid, powder, etc.
Some advantages of horizontal mixers are:
- When handling gases, liquids, or viscous raisins it is easier to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
- As it is a homogeneous mixture, it considerably improves the sensory quality and the functional and nutritive properties of the food.
- The mixing time through these machines is considerably reduced compared to mixing processes with other types of mixers or manuals.
With more than 20 years in the market, Meelko is not only a brand, if it does not show high quality. Our machines are designed to have greater and better resistance, durability and to optimize resources for your small, medium or large production line.

Technical specifications:
Model: MKMH250B
Power: 4 kW
Capacity: 500 lbs/hr
Dimensions: 2350×706×1240mm
Weight: 757 lbs

Toronto Ontario Canada