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I'm Eduard Klenn and I serve in different and reformed areas of Computer Security, Data/Info gathering and precisely,Ethical Hacking {Exploits} where I play a major part. Some of these exploits includes Website attacks(Sniffing & DDOS), Email hack, lPhone/Computer hack, Snooping for updates/info on Competitors or Cheating wives/husbands/girlfriend/boyfriends.(Hospital bills,Late payments) and many more. I apply a great deal of discretion to my professionalism.

I'm also able to provide computer Hacking exploits & investigations for a broad range of civil disputes & criminal cases in the US, Asia, Middle East and Major Europe.
How about Passwords?
● Did you forget your password? Retrieve
● Email cracking
● Windows and Apple Password Cracking
● Website Admin Cracking
● Database Password Cracking

Premarital checks, PI(personal investigation), Investment fraud, Identity theft, Financial disputes, Hack Facebook/whatsapp/Email, Litigation,Fraud, Hack/track Phones and computers, Intellectual Property, Website Hack & security,Human Resources,Unlock computer,Monitoring /Observations, Child custody investigations for proof in court, Divorce(Alimony & Child Support), Home surveillance and  security forensics, Cheating spouses, , Recover lost files/documents, content removal,Tutorials and e-books
Remove A Link
Mugshot Picture Removed
DUI/criminal records removal
Background Checks
Background reports include, when available, a criminal check, lawsuits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, property ownership, address history, phone numbers, relatives & associates, neighbors, marriage/divorce records and more.
● Address History ● 7-Year National Criminal Database Search● Courthouse Verification of Criminal Database Records (up to 3)● National Sex Offender Registry Check
● Credit scores Fixing
Computer Security Training
● Training for exploits-Reconnaissance, Hacks and Denial of Service Attack.
● Ebooks

Certified solutions to all clients requests

For bookings/inquiries contact via:
Name- Eduard Klenn
24/7 customer support.

Ontario, Canada