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Every year we pledge to do something different and worthy, this year let’s promise ourselves to save the environment from getting polluted. The lighting we choose for our commercial or residential purposes, play a significant role in making the environment polluted but if we start using LED lighting, we can surely prevent the nature from getting contaminated.
There are various form of LED lights available in the market and one among them are LED integrated tubes that have lower operational cost as compared to the standard tubes. 8ft LED integrated tube is the standard size that is used for the home and office lighting purposes.
Beneath are the advantages of using T8 8ft LED tube 60w integrated at your place:
The special designed T8 8ft LED 60w Integrated reduces the operational cost by a significant level, and you can save a noticeable amount of your income which you don’t afford to get wasted.
In addition to just replacing the traditional fluorescent tubes, the T8 8ft LED 60w integrated tubes offer an amazing ambience that can attract more customers towards your outlets. The lumens output of these integrated tubes is 7200 lumens with color temperature of 6500 kelvin.
These integrated lights have 180 degree beam angle that is sufficient enough to illuminate the big places. You can also use these lights at the places that have low ceiling areas.
The Aluminium heat sink in T8 8ft LED 60w integrated tube allows the lights to dissipate any heat produced by the tube. Premium quality aluminium is used to make the light weight heat sink that is also a good thermal conductor.
These integrated tubes can work for almost 50,000 hours.
The IP44 rating protect the T8 8ft LED 60w integrated tube lights from all kind of dust particles with thickness greater than 1mm and moisture or water coming from any direction. Also these tubes are safe to use in indoor areas as well such as bathrooms, kitchens etc where there are more chances of penetration of water.
Every year we try to make ourselves happy, this New Year let’s do something innovative and unique by using that form of Lighting that protects our environment from getting polluted. By using LED lighting, we are also helping ourselves from those high electricity bills that are draining out our income in a big way.
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