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Buy Ratio Cotridin Syrups Teva ,This medicinal drug is generally used for nasal congestion and to alleviate a cough. Its consequences may be felt inside 1 hour.

Price is base at the minimal order quantity: 15 Bottles

This medicinal drug is generally used each 6 hours. However, your physician or pharmacist may also have advised a distinct agenda this is extra suitable for you. Generally, it’s far used simplest as wished.

Important: Follow the commands at the label. Do now no longer use extra of this product, or extra often, than prescribed. To make certain genuine dosage, degree every dose with an correct measuring device.

This medicinal drug can be interested by or with out food. It is suggested to drink lots of water even as the usage of this medicinal drug.

Consuming alcohol may also accentuate the impact of this product. It is consequently recommended to keep away from ingesting alcohol or alcohol-containing merchandise even as taking this medicinal drug.

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